MAC x Philip Treacy – Royal Wink


royal wink swatch – natural light


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Eleven Madison Park Granola


what is it?

My attempt at Eleven Madison Park’s granola. A parting gift given to each diner in a cute mason jar. For us, it was the saving grace of a lack lustre dining experience (service stuff ups galore!)

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

did it work?

Yes. But don’t add the salt! So much better without it. Also I substituted in cranberries for cherries and added goji berries

was it tricky?

Nope. The hardest part is waiting until breakfast!

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Tastes like Xmas

xmas ice cream

Success! Christina Tosi’s Milkbar ice cream recipes are amazing. They use gelatine instead of eggs which is awesome cos it lasts 2 weeks and not 4 days and I’m not likely to give anyone food poisoning with raw eggs yay!

I’ve adapted the wonderful Ms Tosi’s recipe as a base for all my frozen adventures and in light of the festive season I bring you my Tastes Like Xmas Ice Cream.

So the key ingredient is a tea, that tastes like Xmas – Ginger Spice from T2 a black tea with orange peel, hunks of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.

To kick off, heat up a cup (250ml) of milk in a small saucepan until simmering. I like to use Canberra Milk’s Gold – a creamy non-homogenised milk.
Pop a couple of tablespoons of the tea into a giant infuser, put it into a heatproof jug and pour over the hot milk.
Let it steep for 5-10min – remember freezing dulls the flavour so you want it strong!
Remove infuser, mix in a few teaspoons of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla paste, to taste.
Refrigerate until chilled (I left it overnight)
Remove milk skin, retain about 50mls and put the rest into mixer with whisk attachment.
Bloom 1 leaf of titanium gelatine
Heat the 50ml of milk (microwave for 30 sec) and mix in gelatine thoroughly.
Add gelatine mix, 160g of thickened cream (35% fat), 100g glucose, 65g caster sugar, 40g skim milk powder and 1g salt to mixer.
Whisk for a few minutes until everything is incorporated.
Strain mixture.
Pour into ice cream maker. Churn
Freeze for 4hrs to harden.

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Macarons (round 2)


Better this time – smoother tops but less feet 😦
I’ll try again on the weekend – this time drying the almond meal longer and being more gentle when folding in the egg whites ….. Otherwise it’s off to the Italian method.


indocafe laksa


A strong contender for best laksa in Canberra, this little hole in the wall dishes up an amazing array of authentic Indonesian classics to the lunchtime hoards.

A well stocked fridge with all variants of coke and a classic collection of other soft drinks (passiona ftw!).


Outside under the trees or back at my desk.


This place always has a line but it moves fast.


$10 laksa or $10 lunch box (curry and rice, can of soft drink and an entree), entrees (samosa, spring roll, corn fritter) are $1.


Working my way through the menu, heck I might even become a regular.


Ground Floor Waldorf Apartments London Circuit Canberra


M-F lunch only, dinner by appointment, delivery available

Tres Cheek

Immortal Flower (top)
Pink Tea (bottom)


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Momofuku pork buns


what is it?

Our take on the ledgendary Momofuku Pork Bun.

After a trip to Momofuku Seibou (Sydney) reignited the love for pork buns, we had to try it at home.

how’d we do it?

Recipe from the Momofuku cookbook

did it work?
Sure did! Really pleased with the buns. They’re great with anything from bulgogi (Korean beef) to honey.

The cucumbers were quick and easy. They really make the dish.

was it tricky?

Nope. Everything was readily available. Even the sriracha hot sauce wasn’t hard to find (in an asian supermarket look the thai section for a hot sauce in a squeezy bottle with a green lid).