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Eleven Madison Park Granola


what is it?

My attempt at Eleven Madison Park’s granola. A parting gift given to each diner in a cute mason jar. For us, it was the saving grace of a lack lustre dining experience (service stuff ups galore!)

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

did it work?

Yes. But don’t add the salt! So much better without it. Also I substituted in cranberries for cherries and added goji berries

was it tricky?

Nope. The hardest part is waiting until breakfast!

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Jaffa Mug Cake


Dear Mug cake

Your recipe did the rounds via email a few years back, and to be honest, I didn’t get it – you just tasted oily.

Well that was until I got hungry while watching a particularly boring episode of Hawaii 5-0 and thought of you.

Then I remembered I have blood orange infused olive oil.

Now you are truly amazing.

recipe here – just sub in awesome flavoured oil of your choice

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Pizza dough


Pizza dough, for so long you’ve been in the too hard basket….why who knows?! I came across this recipe and pizza in my household has changed for ever .

It takes a whopping 10mins max to make and no kneading woo! then after it rests for an hour, it’s pizza time

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Chez L’ami Jean Riz au Lait


what is it?

A homage to Chez L’ami Jean’s Riz au Lait

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

(except I was too lazy to make the add-ins, so I served it with maple peacans)

did it work?

Yes.  No additions/changes

was it tricky?

Nope.  The hardest part is not eating it while it cools.

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Creme Brulee

Did you hear? I have a blowtorch!

It looks like this

It’s awesome!

So I made Creme Brulee

what is it?

A basic vanilla creme brulee

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

(substituting caster sugar for the brown sugar)

did it work?

Absolutely.  It did need an extra 15min in the oven though. I think bruleed caster sugar tastes better than brown sugar.

was it tricky?

Nope.  Next-time I’ll add some jasmine tea bags into the cream at step 2.

Now, I think I need to buy a fire extinguisher.

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