Eleven Madison Park Granola


what is it?

My attempt at Eleven Madison Park’s granola. A parting gift given to each diner in a cute mason jar. For us, it was the saving grace of a lack lustre dining experience (service stuff ups galore!)

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

did it work?

Yes. But don’t add the salt! So much better without it. Also I substituted in cranberries for cherries and added goji berries

was it tricky?

Nope. The hardest part is waiting until breakfast!

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Sneak Peek! MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick – Everyday Diva

I attended a MAC techniques night (review to come) and lo and behold the new MAC Mineralize lipstick collection was available. I understand this has just been released in the US online, and well probably have to wait til mid march for it to be fully available here.

I picked Everyday Diva – a true cream red. It’s a lovely smooth, easy to wear formula; like a super pigmented lustre. It wears well and has a slight sheen.

They’re bigger than the standard bullet, and they oughta at $46!?!?

There’s a nice range of basic colours. Quite a few dupes from the permanent range.

Will I catch them all? Maybe, as old favourites run out I might replace them with one of these.

Swatches and stuff after the jump

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Tastes like Xmas

xmas ice cream

Success! Christina Tosi’s Milkbar ice cream recipes are amazing. They use gelatine instead of eggs which is awesome cos it lasts 2 weeks and not 4 days and I’m not likely to give anyone food poisoning with raw eggs yay!

I’ve adapted the wonderful Ms Tosi’s recipe as a base for all my frozen adventures and in light of the festive season I bring you my Tastes Like Xmas Ice Cream.

So the key ingredient is a tea, that tastes like Xmas – Ginger Spice from T2 a black tea with orange peel, hunks of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.

To kick off, heat up a cup (250ml) of milk in a small saucepan until simmering. I like to use Canberra Milk’s Gold – a creamy non-homogenised milk.
Pop a couple of tablespoons of the tea into a giant infuser, put it into a heatproof jug and pour over the hot milk.
Let it steep for 5-10min – remember freezing dulls the flavour so you want it strong!
Remove infuser, mix in a few teaspoons of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla paste, to taste.
Refrigerate until chilled (I left it overnight)
Remove milk skin, retain about 50mls and put the rest into mixer with whisk attachment.
Bloom 1 leaf of titanium gelatine
Heat the 50ml of milk (microwave for 30 sec) and mix in gelatine thoroughly.
Add gelatine mix, 160g of thickened cream (35% fat), 100g glucose, 65g caster sugar, 40g skim milk powder and 1g salt to mixer.
Whisk for a few minutes until everything is incorporated.
Strain mixture.
Pour into ice cream maker. Churn
Freeze for 4hrs to harden.

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MAC lipstick – Rebel





swatch after the jump….. Continue reading

Changes to Back 2 MAC (in Australia, at least….)

Yesterday, I found out that Back 2 MAC has changed 😦

I went to swap my 6 empties and now, instead of receiving any lipstick in regular packaging (including Limited Editions), I was limited to the top 20, listed below.  Thankfully, I wanted Rebel, but boo MAC!

Here’s the list,  with links to swatches…..

Vegas Volt
Lady Danger
Ruby Woo
Russian Red
Hug Me
Shy Girl
Crème d’ nude
Pretty Please
Crème Cup
St Germain
Girl About Town

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MAC By Request – Jeté and Moth Brown


Today Jeté and Moth Brown arrived. Hurrah! They are so damn pretty, I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow.

There’s swatches and comparisons with All That Glitters, Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe after the jump

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Ulta Haul


I’ve been meaning to upgrade my MAC holiday set brushes for ages. Given the raves around the interwebs for real techniques brushes and their price I thought I’d give em a go.

So far – love them. They are sooo soft (and synthetic, animal friendly yay!).

I got the eye starter set, stippling brush, finishing brush and expert face brush. I’ve since ordered the blush brush and an eye shader brush from iherb.com.

The eyeliner brush can do an amazing fine line, its looks are deceptive. I really like the expert face brush with MUFE’s HD foundation.

I also grabbed a Revlon Lip Butter and Lip Stain Balm. The Butter is nice enough, but the stain is amazing. I’ll do a comparison post with a Clinique chubby stick soon, but believe me the Revlon version is so much better!

Check out my swatches after the jump

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Make Up For Ever (Sephora) Haul



So I got a bit of Make Up For Ever. It’s not available in Australia (well ok there’s like one online supplier but that hardly counts!) so I was excited to finally try some of the things I heard so much about.

First I headed to Sephora and got some samples of the HD Foundation in 110 and 115, and I got the 500 point perk – a mini MUFE kit with a sachet of HD Primer (used up so not pictured), mini HD powder (1g), mini Aqua Eyes in black (0.7g), mini Smoky Lash Mascara black (0.3ml) and mini Lab Shine lipgloss. All in a super cute little clear zip bag – that will be awesome for future holidays.

I quickly learnt that MUFE is worth the hype and promptly purchased the HD Complexion Starter Kit, with a full sized HD Foundation in #115 (30ml), half sized HD Primer (15ml), half sized HD Powder (5g) and Kabuki brush. Loving it so far, but I’ve never used translucent/clear powder before, so I’m still working on how much is too much 🙂

And I also grabbed a rouge artist natural in N45. It’s really nice. Quite a pinky/blue based red. There’s a swatch after the jump, and soon I’ll add a comparison with MAC’s Fire Sign ‘cos I think the rouge artist natural formula is comparable with MAC’s Lustre finish. I’ll also add a swatch of the gloss too…

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Sephora Haul


So, I went to Sephora and stocked up on a few old favorites and got some new stuff to try.

There’s some Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara – my HG, I think these are tubes 7 and 8.

Illamasqua cream pigment in bedaub (pale green) – this is awesome as a colour correcting concealer.  I had my makeup done at the Beak St headquarters and the MUA explained the whole using opposite colours to correct flaws concept rather than just caking on more foundation/regular concealer.  It blew my mind! (I also have emerge, a peach tone that’s great for under the eyes)

Jack Black lip balm – I keep reading about it so I’ll give it a try

Smashbox primer (mini) – I did some shopping for friends and three of them ordered Smashbox primers, I better see what all the fuss is about!

Urban Decay All Nighter – The MUA who did my wedding make up used this – its awesome

Caudalie Samples – wooo! I hit VIB status and to use up 500 sephora points on this kit.  I’ve been meaning to try this brand for ages.  So far so good, I love the cleansing water.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser – This seems to be legendary, so when I run out of my MAC Studio Moisture Tint, I’ll give this a go.

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MAC Eyeshadow Haul (and my palettes)

My eyeshadow collection exploded on this trip, from one 15 pan palette to 3 (ok 2.5 😛 ).  So lets take a look.

Colour 20120901-181455.jpg

Stars and Rockets, Purple Haze, Tilt, Aquadisac, Feeling Fresh

Vibrant Grape, Shock-a-holic, Freshwater, empty, Humid

Nocturnelle, blank, Deep Truth, Plumage, Inglot Pearl 414

For the two empty slots, I’m after a blackened blue purple (like Mineralized Young Punks but palette sized) and a bright teal



Orb, Bamboo, Cork, Brown Script, Concrete

Dazzlelight, Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Sable, Satin Taupe

Blank, Moleskin, Carbonized, Mythical, Blank

Diamond Dove out to the left, which I’ll in it’s pot cos a) its really similar to Concrete and b) it’ll make a good eyebrow powder, as its just a tad browner and warmer than Concrete

Yay for the CCO at Las Vegas for having most of the MAC Me Over eyeshadows.  It was the first collection I got really excited about and stalked,  but I wasn’t after eyeshadows at the time, so I regretted skipping these initially.

The two blanks here will be filled with Jete and Moth Brown when the MAC by request collection comes out in Australia.


Gesso, Scene, Howzat, Print, Carbon

Crystal Avalanche, Silver Gull, Electra, Knight Divine, Blank

Forgery, Blank, Blank, Blank, Blank

I was really lucky with the CCO at Las Vegas, they had most of the Iris Apfel eyeshadows too.

For the Blanks, I’m thinking maybe some gold/bronze colours, but I don’t tend to wear them much (they just dont appeal) or perhaps just overflow if there’s some amazing super brights – haha neon or something.

Love to hear any suggestions!

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