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Sorry no picture, but I think I have the right ratio for fondue – 500g cheese to 1 cup of alcohol (beer/wine) with a little mustard/sirrarcha/Worcestershire sauce to taste and a rub of garlic on the pot. Heat on the stove and then transfer to the fondue pot.

Last weekend’s combo – 300g tasty/vintage cheddar and 200g gruyere with a cup of a random lager from Munich.

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Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain

I’m gonna admit it, revlon’s kissable lip stain balms are so so soooo much better than clinique’s chubby sticks.

– more pigment (compared to clinique’s original formula)
– longer lasting
– better smelling (minty fresh!)
– heaps cheaper (I got mine at boots for GBP5, or about AUD17 at Priceline who often have bogo offers)

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Guerlain Météorites


These Météorites Teint Rose 01 in give a lovely soft glow over foundation.  It’s quite subtle but they do brighten and smell divine.  They come in a cute slivery metal tin.  I also got the Météorites brush, which is a bit disappointing as its rather stiff and scratchy, but I think the perles need it.

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Farmers Daughter – fail


Farmers Daughter (sic) is the Britta of Canberra cafes

A long wait and then the most pathetic limp tasteless zucchini and corn fritters ever

Oh and by the way the were cold (they were replaced promptly though)


With the pathetic fritters we also ordered a breakfast burger, that while passable could have had more bacon for the price tag


coffee was passable


Meh, ok hipsterish


Slow, but the replacement hot fritters were served quickly


Overpriced! $42 for two coffees and two mains, with us leaving hungry


Never again.


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MAC Techniques Night

I’m on the VIP list at my local MAC counter (nothing special, just if someone remembers they give me a call when new collections are out and put stuff aside for me). I got a call inviting me to a MAC Techniques Night, focusing on behind the scenes runway techniques covering contouring and false lashes. I really struggle with those two so I was in! I popped down to the counter to pay my $120 to secure my place (redeemable on product on the night) as there was “limited numbers”.

A few weeks later and I arrive at the store after hours, there’s a few girls milling around as we wait to be escorted in. Awesome I thought to myself, only about a dozen people, we’ll get plenty of individual attention over the next two and a half hours. Boy I was wrong, we walked into a training room of 30 people!

In the small, hot room there were a few large prints of makeup looks, the mineralised lipsticks on display (a few weeks before launch), two models perched on stools and two trainers. On each chair there was a small black ring binder with a pencil to take notes. Inside the binder, a bunch of face charts other info.

Each trainer did a different look using a lot of LE products. They handed around some of them. The trainers were good – chatty and explained what they were doing but with three rows of watchers I didn’t learn much.

after about an hour-hour and a half we headed back down to the counter and were split into groups of six with a trainer or MUA to pick out our $120 worth of product, ask any questions, try stuff on, etc. It was packed! It was hard to get a hold of stuff, lots of waiting around to get product, bah a bit of a mess really!

I got taupe shape blush, everyday diva lipstick and let’s skate paintpot (totalling $122! Yeah!)

Overall, I wouldn’t do it again. While I appreciated the sneak peek at new products before they had even arrived in the US, I think you’d get a lot more bang for buck with a $80 make-over/lesson which is one on one (and redeemable too).

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MAC Strength – Taupe Shape Blush


A perfect contouring shaded for the cool toned.

I’ve been a little scared of contouring, but after watching the demo at the MAC techniques night I decided to give it a go. Taupe Shape is a lovely cool beigey-brown with a very subtle hint of shimmer (it is a satin after all). It seems to work well on my super pale skin as a subtle contour, so it’s a winner in my books.

Sadly it’s LE – boooo!

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Eleven Madison Park Granola


what is it?

My attempt at Eleven Madison Park’s granola. A parting gift given to each diner in a cute mason jar. For us, it was the saving grace of a lack lustre dining experience (service stuff ups galore!)

how’d I do it?

With this recipe

did it work?

Yes. But don’t add the salt! So much better without it. Also I substituted in cranberries for cherries and added goji berries

was it tricky?

Nope. The hardest part is waiting until breakfast!

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Sneak Peek! MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick – Everyday Diva

I attended a MAC techniques night (review to come) and lo and behold the new MAC Mineralize lipstick collection was available. I understand this has just been released in the US online, and well probably have to wait til mid march for it to be fully available here.

I picked Everyday Diva – a true cream red. It’s a lovely smooth, easy to wear formula; like a super pigmented lustre. It wears well and has a slight sheen.

They’re bigger than the standard bullet, and they oughta at $46!?!?

There’s a nice range of basic colours. Quite a few dupes from the permanent range.

Will I catch them all? Maybe, as old favourites run out I might replace them with one of these.

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Tastes like Xmas

xmas ice cream

Success! Christina Tosi’s Milkbar ice cream recipes are amazing. They use gelatine instead of eggs which is awesome cos it lasts 2 weeks and not 4 days and I’m not likely to give anyone food poisoning with raw eggs yay!

I’ve adapted the wonderful Ms Tosi’s recipe as a base for all my frozen adventures and in light of the festive season I bring you my Tastes Like Xmas Ice Cream.

So the key ingredient is a tea, that tastes like Xmas – Ginger Spice from T2 a black tea with orange peel, hunks of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla.

To kick off, heat up a cup (250ml) of milk in a small saucepan until simmering. I like to use Canberra Milk’s Gold – a creamy non-homogenised milk.
Pop a couple of tablespoons of the tea into a giant infuser, put it into a heatproof jug and pour over the hot milk.
Let it steep for 5-10min – remember freezing dulls the flavour so you want it strong!
Remove infuser, mix in a few teaspoons of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla paste, to taste.
Refrigerate until chilled (I left it overnight)
Remove milk skin, retain about 50mls and put the rest into mixer with whisk attachment.
Bloom 1 leaf of titanium gelatine
Heat the 50ml of milk (microwave for 30 sec) and mix in gelatine thoroughly.
Add gelatine mix, 160g of thickened cream (35% fat), 100g glucose, 65g caster sugar, 40g skim milk powder and 1g salt to mixer.
Whisk for a few minutes until everything is incorporated.
Strain mixture.
Pour into ice cream maker. Churn
Freeze for 4hrs to harden.

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