MAC Eyeshadow Haul (and my palettes)

My eyeshadow collection exploded on this trip, from one 15 pan palette to 3 (ok 2.5 😛 ).  So lets take a look.

Colour 20120901-181455.jpg

Stars and Rockets, Purple Haze, Tilt, Aquadisac, Feeling Fresh

Vibrant Grape, Shock-a-holic, Freshwater, empty, Humid

Nocturnelle, blank, Deep Truth, Plumage, Inglot Pearl 414

For the two empty slots, I’m after a blackened blue purple (like Mineralized Young Punks but palette sized) and a bright teal



Orb, Bamboo, Cork, Brown Script, Concrete

Dazzlelight, Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Sable, Satin Taupe

Blank, Moleskin, Carbonized, Mythical, Blank

Diamond Dove out to the left, which I’ll in it’s pot cos a) its really similar to Concrete and b) it’ll make a good eyebrow powder, as its just a tad browner and warmer than Concrete

Yay for the CCO at Las Vegas for having most of the MAC Me Over eyeshadows.  It was the first collection I got really excited about and stalked,  but I wasn’t after eyeshadows at the time, so I regretted skipping these initially.

The two blanks here will be filled with Jete and Moth Brown when the MAC by request collection comes out in Australia.


Gesso, Scene, Howzat, Print, Carbon

Crystal Avalanche, Silver Gull, Electra, Knight Divine, Blank

Forgery, Blank, Blank, Blank, Blank

I was really lucky with the CCO at Las Vegas, they had most of the Iris Apfel eyeshadows too.

For the Blanks, I’m thinking maybe some gold/bronze colours, but I don’t tend to wear them much (they just dont appeal) or perhaps just overflow if there’s some amazing super brights – haha neon or something.

Love to hear any suggestions!

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