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MAC Hey Sailor – Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow


So I picked up MACs Feeling Fresh eyeshadow from the Hey Sailor! collection. A bright shimmery kelly green with a frost finish.  It’s a colour not found in MAC’s permanent regular eyeshadows, i think the closest would be Kelly, a matte kelly green that is/was only available at pro stores and Fresh Flare, a pro longwear eyeshadow that is too big for the standard palette.  More photos and a swatch after the jump!

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Macarons (round 2)


Better this time – smoother tops but less feet 😦
I’ll try again on the weekend – this time drying the almond meal longer and being more gentle when folding in the egg whites ….. Otherwise it’s off to the Italian method.


Macarons (round one)


Here it is my first attempt at macarons

I used the “French meringue” method (no hot syrup). I got feet woo! But the shells cracked and the top texture is rough. Next time I’ll dry the almond meal the oven and pipit in the food processor to make it finer.